Moonlight Over Paris – Paolo Santos

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Moonlight Over Paris
By: Paolo Santos 
Chords: C/E 032010 C/D 055550 G/B 020033 [Intro] G - C/E (4x) [Verse 1] D Em7 You say you've been overseas C D I say over where D Em7 You say just a holiday C D My Alsatian heir F C F C I say I've been working late, working overtime D Em7 C C/D Haven't seen the sun since eighty-nine [Chorus] G C/E Does the moonlight shine on Paris C G After the sun goes down G C/E If the London Bridge is falling C D Will anybody hear a sound Am7 G/B C G/B If you follow the sunset will it ever end Am7 G/B C Does the moonlight shine on Paris Am7 D Intro (2x only) Will it ever end [Verse 2] D Em7 Oh and how can you just walk away C D Is it something that I said D Em7 I see only black and white C D You see green and red F C You believe in the miracles F C Water into wine D Em7 C C/D I believe it when it makes the New York Times

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